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The Toyota Camry gets a facelift

Toyota renews its best-selling Camry sedan in a ninth generation, which changes little stylistically, but changes more profoundly in the cabin and under the hood…

Since 1982 and the launch of its first generation, the Toyota Camry is a success story that has gone far beyond the borders of Japan. Distributed in Asia, North America (the 5e best seller in the United States in 2022!), in Africa and Europe, it was in 2022 the best-selling sedan in the world, just that ! It must be said that it is a sedan with excellent value for money: habitable and very well equipped, it is also very fuel efficient, having been offered for more than 20 years with a hybrid engine, a technology dear to Toyota. From generation to generation, it has continued to evolve in its design, its mechanics and its services: the latest and current generation was launched in 2017and marketed in Europe since the following year, replacing the Avensis.

XV80, the ninth Camry

Six years later (renewal cycles are decidedly short at Toyota), it is now evolving into a ninth generation (code name XV80). Brand new certainly, but not really new, at least stylistically. We would more easily speak here of restyling rather than new features, as we still easily recognize the silhouette, the shape of the doors and the location of the headlights of the current version. However, it is being modernized significantly, with a redesigned grille and shield, and new headlights now in the shape of a hook, like the latest new products from the brand (Crown, C-HR, Prius…). Toyota obviously wanted to act parsimoniously, so as not to distort the design of the current one. Given its success, we understand them, but it’s still disappointing when you know how different the previous Camrys were from each other.

The first exclusively hybrid Camry

Fortunately, the interior evolves much more profoundly. The redesigned dashboard is less bizarre than before, and gains in quality, with its drawn lines, its plush materials, and its new 12.3-inch central touch screen. New upholstery is appearing, at the same time as driving aids and connectivity equipment. The real revolution is under the hood: this ninth Camry of the name is the first to be available with a 100% hybrid engine. A specificity which will not shock Europeans, since we were only entitled to the 218 horsepower HSD version. Now, two variants are offered: 225 horsepower in front-wheel drive, 232 horsepower in all-wheel drive. Very popular, in France as in Europe, by taxi drivers and VTCs, it will be marketed here from next year.

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He was given his Camry free of charge by Toyota

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