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Zaptec Pro: a smart and flexible charging solution

The Norwegian charging station specialist is launching Zaptec Pro in France, a flexible charging solution for businesses, fleets, and condominiums.

A few weeks ago, the Norwegian specialist Zaptec announced its launch on the French market of charging stations for electric cars, after having adapted its products to the standards in force in France, and forged strategic partnerships with installers, operators, resellers, and certifiers.

“The technology with which we are arriving in France allows us to say that we can become a preferred partner of companies who want to succeed in their energy transition. The Zaptec Pro innovation was designed and developed according to the challenges of our customers: efficiency, profitability, and compatibility. Zaptec Pro terminals are now open for order »specifies Vianney Devienne, CEO of Zaptec France.

Zaptec Pro: an intelligent and flexible system

The products offered by Zaptec have been developed in Norway for eleven years and also meet the needs of the French market to accelerate the energy transition. Among these, Zaptec Pro is a connected and intelligent charging station, intended for company car parks, establishments open to the public (ERP), fleets, and condominiums.

It integrates a dynamic charging solution and a patented intelligent phase balancing system. In practice, the Zaptec system continuously collects a lot of information such as: the charging capacity of each electric vehicle, their actual consumption, the consumption of other vehicles present in the installation, the electrical consumption of other equipment in the car park, as well as the consumption on each phase of the electrical installation.

This information allows Zaptec algorithms to manage and optimize the distribution of energy between each charging point and to guarantee efficient, fair, and economical charging to users, regardless of the number of terminals installed. The Zaptec Pro system is thus flexible and scalable: when the fleet to be equipped grows, it is then sufficient to add additional charging points, without having to foresee costly costs for upgrading the electrical network.

A growing company

Founded in 2012, Zaptec is a growing company that has just broken new economic records. In fact, in the third quarter of 2023, it recorded an 86% increase in turnover to 421 million Norwegian crowns, the equivalent of approximately 35.7 million euros: this is the best quarter in the company’s entire history.

Since the start of 2023, Zaptec has exceeded the one billion Norwegian crown mark in turnover, the equivalent of approximately 84.7 million euros. Over the same period, order intake has increased by 37% compared to last year and will allow the Norwegian specialist to accelerate its production: “Zaptec France will contribute to the company’s results in the coming months, having launched the activity in September with Zaptec Pro” concludes Vianney Devienne, CEO of Zaptec France.

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