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He builds a bumper car for the road

With its four meters long, this bumper car is approved to be used as a daily car!

It is a child’s dream became reality for Dan Hryhorcoff, a 72-year-old engineer from Pennsylvania (United States). When he wanted to develop a giant bumper car, 3.96 meters long by 1.68 meters wide and 2.13 meters high, capable of driving on the road, he succeeded. It was the project he had always had, he who had started driving a bumper car when he was little. Let’s discover this vehicle like no other.

He’s going to work in a… bumper car!

According to Dan, his only desire as a child was to “leave the arena” with his bumper car. Worthy of a film script, he managed to make it a reality. This American pushed the limits of what was possible by obtaining approval for his unusual vehicle. What was a game has become a means of transport like any other for him. Well, except for the fact that he gets his picture taken everywhere he goes. If the video (below) is to be believed, his bumper car seems easy to drive, with remarkable grip given its size. Obviously, she is convertible…like any self-respecting bumper car!

Even though it may seem like a toy, he made it a vehicle like any other, with a patent recognized by American institutions competent. To tell the truth, it is legally considered a tricycle.

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A Chevrolet gearbox

To show you that this bumper car is anything but a plastic toy, know that its gearbox comes from an old Chevrolet Aveo. As for the front axle, it was originally intended for a motorcycle. Her steering angle is therefore very short which explains its approval as a tricycle.

As for the bodywork, it is fiberglass, as Hryhorcoff explains in the video. And you? What vehicle did you drive when you were a child? Could you make it part of your daily life? Admit that the idea is pleasant!

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