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Potholes would be the cause of a record number of repairs in 2023!

According to a report from Britain’s Royal Automobile Club (RAC), the organization received almost 6,000 calls related to pothole incidents between July and September. This suggests that a record number of pothole incidents may occur in 2023.

The figure of 6,000 calls represents the highest number recorded in such a short period since RAC began collecting this data in 2006. The lack of road maintenance is not only dangerous for the safety of road users, but also for cyclists, pedestrians, and vehicles. The dangers posed by potholes are particularly concerning for bikers.

The Dangers of Potholes

Potholes can have harmful effects on cars, damaging shock absorbers, suspensions, and wheels. Repairs for these parts can be very expensive for vehicle owners due to the numerous shocks caused by potholes.

The RAC report also highlights other alarming figures, indicating that the number of garage interventions for pothole incidents was 46% higher this summer compared to the same period in 2022.

Discontent over potholes in England has prompted the Ministry of Transportation to justify their record investment in tackling potholes and resurfacing roads, which aims to nearly double road maintenance funding to local authorities over the next decade.

Is the Situation the Same in France?

In France, potholes and poor road maintenance pose a similar danger, with 30% of fatal accidents on the road caused by road problems, according to the National Road Safety Observatory. The poor state of the roads is also highlighted by the World Economic Forum’s ranking of France in 18th place for the quality of its infrastructure in 2019.

The Court of Auditors has also pointed out road-related issues in a report from March 2022. Despite these reports, the poor maintenance of the road network is evident to anyone who drives on the roads.

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