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These influencers dare to criticize a Chinese car brand and quickly regret it

The Nio brand won the case against two Chinese influencers who had criticized its vehicles and its company.

In China, we don’t joke about criticizing the companies that make the country rich. These two influencers learned this the hard way recently when they were found guilty of spreading false information regarding the brand Nio. The latter manufactures electric cars and has become a local symbol. The fine requested for the damage suffered is enormous.

The brand wins the case

It is well known that freedom of expression is not China’s strong point. Even if they are Tiktok influencers (Douyin in China), the courts have applied the law severely in order to catch them late. After criticizing the electric vehicle manufacturer Nio, founded in 2014, they were attacked by the brand. Even if it is not known in France, this company has already released 6 models, which were launched in Europe in 2021.

In view of the competitive market in China, no criticism is accepted regarding electric car brands. Zero tolerance therefore applies to these two influencers convicted by the courts.

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Fear invades influencers

Virulent on social networks until now, Cheshiji and Gu Yubo, who each have approximately 6 millions de followers are now put in silent mode. Their videos were shared and liked by millions times and the brand decided to act. On November 14, Nio won its case and the influencers were sentenced for “disclosure of false information” et “prejudice”. According to the brand, they caused“irreparable damage”.

The court forced the two Tiktokers to deletion of their contents. Worse still, they had to apologize publicly. Regarding the fine, it amounts to 39,000 euros for one and 77,000 for the other (the brand asked for 258,000 euros).

Recently, Tesla won its case after being accused of having a link between a fatal accident and a malfunction on a Tesla Y. The influencer was fined 4,000 euros.

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