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Volkswagen boss announces schedule of new products

Thomas Schäfer, boss of Volkswagen, revealed the calendar of upcoming new products for the German manufacturer.

We know little more about the news who arrive at Volkswagen. He is the boss of German manufacturer himself who detailed the calendar. A thing is sure: the news will be loaded on the side of Volkswagen for the year 2024 and more.

Rank new features according to their importance

The Volkswagen ID.7 is the big news recent from the German manufacturer. The electric sedan is currently offered at a base price of 62 650€.

According to the CEO of Volkswagen, a version station wagon Tourer is in preparation for. Marketing is planned for the month of June 2024 in Germany.

Thomas Schäfer suggested that other new features were going to disembark but depending on l’importance of these:

“We are currently trying to properly sort all of our upcoming cars again. Depending on the importance of each model for the next few years.”

What will be the case of the new electric Golf. No date has not been communicated. On the other hand, the CEO of Volkswagen confirmed that the new electric Golf would not do part of the ID family.

11 new models by 2027

Another new thing in the pipeline: the Volkswagen ID.2. The ID version. 2all will enter production in 2025 and will be marketed the next year.

In addition, the GTI version of this model is coming but only six months after the release of the base version.

In addition to ID.2, another one modern electric car but more affordable will arrive on the market. It should cost less than 20 00 euros.

According to the CEO of Volkswagen, it becomes difficile to offer an electric vehicle below 20 000 euroswhile keeping the genes of the brand.

Thomas Schäfer also mentioned an electric car au format SUV compact Tiguan from 2026.

In total, Volkswagen plans the start of 11 new electric models by the end of the year 2027.

Volkswagen’s CEO estimates that the constructor has a very good schedule until 2033. What to put them in position of strength ?

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