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Amazon will sell cars online: which models are affected?

The e-commerce giant Amazon is expanding its empire and is now venturing into the automobile industry, allowing customers to order cars directly through the platform.

Amazon, known for its wide range of products, is now aiming to offer cars for purchase on its platform. After transforming the distribution of various items, the American company is now delving into the rather complex market of automobiles.

During the ongoing Los Angeles Auto Show, Amazon announced its partnership with Hyundai.

Amazon’s Expansion into Automobile Commerce

Starting next year, American customers will have the option to buy new cars directly through Amazon, with Hyundai being the first brand available for purchase on the platform. It is also possible that other brands may join in the future, although nothing has been officially confirmed yet.

This new business strategy aims to simplify the car-buying process, allowing customers to pick up their vehicle from a local dealership or have it delivered to their home.

As part of this collaboration, Hyundais will also be equipped with Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant from 2025, a feature that is already present in various other models from different brands.

Inspiration from Tesla’s Model

While Hyundai and Amazon are excited about this new venture, some players in the market have expressed concerns. This initiative has the potential to disrupt the traditional automotive landscape as customers can now finalize their car purchases through Amazon’s platform, along with financing options available, similar to Tesla’s business model of direct sales bypassing traditional dealer networks.

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