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Drunk and stopped at the wheel of his car, he is convicted

The police arrested a young man who was sleeping in his car in a parking lot. He was found to be driving without a license and drunk.

If you have ever fallen asleep while driving after having a few drinks, you could have been fined. This is what a motorist learned when he was in a parking lot in Flers (Orne) in July 2022. Even though he claimed that his engine was off, he was fined for being behind the wheel. This is considered an offense according to the law.

Drunk driving while stationary in your car

The police noticed a strong smell coming from the car, and they administered an alcohol test, which came back positive at 9:35 a.m. They had seen the man in his Renault Laguna earlier. The alcohol test showed a result of 0.49 mg/l of exhaled air, which is double the legal limit. The driver claimed he had consumed three or four beers earlier in the morning.

In addition to being drunk, the driver was also driving without a license and insurance, and his vehicle had not undergone a technical inspection.

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He got pushed

During his trial on November 8, the driver claimed that he was only accompanying his son to buy the car (the one he was in). After purchasing it, the car broke down after fifty meters, and he had to be pushed to the parking lot. However, the president of the court reminded him that he was indeed behind the wheel, and therefore in violation of the law. The offender was fined 150 day fines of €5 and was required to drive a vehicle equipped with an alcohol immobilizer for two years. he was acquitted of the charges related to lack of insurance and technical control.

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