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Porsche: a new logo for the Turbo versions

The German manufacturer is giving its Turbo models a new logo, which swaps the golden color of the famous Porsche badge for a gray color called Turbonite.

It has been almost half a century since the models Turbo are out of the ordinary at Porsche. This designation is affixed to high-performance models, and represents the top of the range of each model series. To offer them an even more exclusive look, Porsche has unveiled a new logo which will now equip the Turbo models in its range. This exclusive version of the modernized Porsche badge will be adorned with a new gray color called “Turbonite”instead of the traditional golden hue.

“In 1974 we presented the first turbocharged Porsche 911. Since then, the Turbo has become synonymous with our high-end, high-performance models, and is now more or less a brand in its own right. We now want to make the Turbo even more visible, and differentiate it more clearly from other derivatives like the GTS”explains Michael Mauer, Vice President of Porsche Style: “That’s why we developed a distinctive Turbo aesthetic. From now on, the Turbo versions will have a consistent appearance across all model ranges: an elegant, high-quality and very special appearance. »

Porsche: an exclusive Turbonite gray color

The designers of the German manufacturer have developed this elegant metallic gray color especially for Turbo versions. “Turbonite” is also used on a number of other exterior and interior components, giving Turbo models an even more exclusive appearance.

This new metallic Turbonite shade is exclusively reserved for Turbo badged models. Porsche will gradually launch this new distinction across all model ranges, starting with the new generation of Porsche Panamera, which will have its world premiere on November 24, 2023.

Like all Porsche paints, this one was carefully composed by the Porsche Color & Trim teams. Gold elements create a sleek metallic effect, with the top layer in a contrasting satin finish. In future, the Porsche lettering at the rear and the side window surrounds will receive a Turbonite finish on Turbo models. Depending on the model, other details such as the inserts on the front aprons, the spokes or the aero blades on the alloy wheels, will be painted with the new Turbonite shade.

A new logo for a more elegant look

Turbonite therefore becomes the dominant color of the exclusive Porsche badge on Turbo models: all models in the Turbo range high-performance cars will soon feature this badge on their front, as well as on the alloy wheels and even the steering wheel.

On board, certain interior components, such as the decorative inserts and belt straps, not to mention a number of buttons such as the mode switch and the air conditioning control panel, are also painted in Turbonite. In combination with a black interior, the Turbonite shade is also used as contrasting color for seat stitchingthe door panel trims, the dashboard or even the floor mats.

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