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Road deaths start to rise again in October

Bad news, road deaths increased again during the month of October. We tell you everything!

There’s nothing really trivial about driving a car, even if it sometimes feels like it. In fact, it still remains very dangerous, and absolutely no one is safe from an accident. This is particularly the case in autumn, when the light is decreasing and there are more bad weather. And this can be seen in the figures, while those for the month of October have just been announced by Road Safety. And the least we can say is that they are not really good, quite the contrary. Indeed, mortality has risen sharply…

A clear increase

Indeed, according to the figures of the interministerial body, road mortality is up 4% in October, after an increase of 9% in September. According to ONISR, no less than 292 people lost their lives on the road in just one month. And personal accidents causing injuries are unfortunately also increasing, by around 8% over the same period compared to the same period last year. In fact, there were no less than 5,217 in one month.

Not all equal

However, you should know that not all categories of road users are in the same boat. In fact, pedestrian mortality fell by 23% with 48 deaths, while motorists paid a heavy price. In fact, the number of fatal accidents increased by 15%, with no fewer than 136 dead and 420 injured. It now remains to be seen whether this trend will continue, while road conditions and weather are particularly degraded in November…

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