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Izivia Fast: 700 ultra-fast charging stations at McDonald’s

Izivia is inaugurating a new network of ultra-fast charging stations for electric cars, located in the parking lots of McDonald’s restaurants in France.

McDonald’s France and the EDF group subsidiary, Izivia, have just inaugurated Izivia Fast: a national network of more than 700 ultra-fast charging stations for electric cars, located on McDonald’s restaurant parking lots in France. The network is co-financed by Izivia and the Siloé Infrastructures fund, managed by Crédit Mutuel Impact.

“Izivia is proud to deploy this new network of terminals which develops the ultra-fast charging offer open to the public at the national level. With this new network, Izivia confirms its ambition to occupy a leading position in fast charging, for the benefit of all electric motorists, not only in large metropolises, but by guaranteeing coverage of the entire territory. Supporting the transition to cleaner mobility is at the heart of our ambition in order to contribute to a CO2 neutral future” declared on this occasion Christelle Vives, General Director of Izivia.

Izivia Fast: 2,000 ultra-fast charging points

In total, we will find in the Izivia Fast network more than 700 charging stations for electric cars, comprising in total more than 2,000 ultra-fast charging points of a power of 150 kW. According to Izivia, they will allow you to recharge your electric vehicle to 80% of its autonomy in 20 minutes, enough time to take a coffee break or eat something.

“We are very pleased to deploy this new national network of electrical terminals in our restaurants in partnership with Izivia. Ultra fast and accessible, they are fully part of supporting the French in their transition to electric mobility. The expansion of charging stations in our restaurant parking lots encourages individual efforts and contributes to an ecological and energy transition adapted to the needs of the regions” specifies Rémi Rocca, Senior Impact Director for McDonald’s France.

The network will be deployed over more than 700 McDonald’s France restaurant car parks by 2025 and will help develop the network of ultra-fast charging stations available nationally.

An attractive price

According to Izivia, the price looks attractive, and access to the terminals will be simplified for all users. In fact, it will be possible to identify yourself and pay by bank card, with the Izivia Pass, the badge of another charging operator, the Izivia application or even a QR code.

To date, electric cars already represent more than 20% of sales in France in the first half of 2023, and the electrified vehicle fleet should be multiplied by 15 by 2035, to reach 18 million vehicles.

Furthermore, there are more than 111,000 charging points open to the public in mainland France, at the end of October 2023. However, only 8% of them offer a power greater than or equal to 150 kW. Among the obstacles to purchasing an electric vehicle, the lack of fast charging stations to ensure long journeys with complete peace of mind is a recurring concern for many French people.

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