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Renault Captur II: the results after 100,000 kilometers!

After the issues with reliability and finishing in the first model, the Captur 2 aimed to produce a flawless version. Our 100,000 km test will determine if this small SUV has achieved this goal.

A few months after the release of the Clio 5, Renault revealed the new version of its SUV counterpart, the Captur. Despite promises of improved quality, this second generation experienced some problems during our test: the suspension wishbones had to be replaced under warranty at 75,000 km. Upon disassembly, we also discovered corrosion on the spars and suspension arms, as well as significant wear on the driver’s seat. Additionally, neglect by a dealer led to damage to a cylinder and the turbo.

Mechanics: youthful issues

  • Petrol : Only one engine available, the 1.3 TCe, offered in four power levels (130 or 155 hp, and 140 or 160 hp with mild hybridization). It faced injection problems due to the high pressure pump. In most cases, the issue was resolved through reprogramming, but some engines had to be replaced. The problems (damaged turbo, cylinder, and piston) experienced by the 1.3 TCe 130 were caused by improper maintenance: failure to clean the air filter housing resulted in the introduction of impurities into the engine.
  • Petrol/GPL : The 1.0 turbo occasionally experienced issues during cold starts, but no failures were reported.
  • Hybrid : Both the full hybrid (145 hp) and the plug-in hybrid (160 hp) versions had no mechanical problems.
  • Diesel : The 1.5 Blue dCi 115’s oil consumption raised concerns, with many owners needing to add half a liter every 1,000 km. However, no engine damage has been reported.
  • Transmission : On plug-in hybrids, a malfunction light indicating a gearbox issue may come on, warning of a potential breakage. This can be resolved with a software update.

Electronics: unpredictable chips

  • R-Link : Users often need to tap the screen multiple times to access the desired function. Renault has not offered a solution for this issue.
  • Dashboard : The frequent illumination of warning lights without cause has been a significant problem for the Captur. Regular updates at the dealership (€150) provide some relief.
  • Battery : Certain systems continue to drain the battery even when the vehicle is turned off. Replacing the battery does not resolve the issue; software updates are required.

Materials: deceiving appearances

  • Interior : The materials used in the interior are of high quality and assembled with care. However, upon disassembly of the Captur Intens, we discovered cracks in the driver’s seat foam, indicating potential sagging. Unfortunately, this is a common issue with Renault vehicles.
  • Body : The body panels and paint alignments are well done. However, more attention should have been paid to the underbody protection, as evidenced by slight traces of rust during disassembly.

Free from the fragile 1.2 TCe, the Captur 2 appears to be better built than its predecessor. Overall, the build quality is good. However, the reported issues suggest a potentially problematic future. Additionally, a few points observed during the 100,000 km test encourage caution. We noted slight traces of corrosion in the underbody and a very worn driver’s seat. It’s something to keep an eye on.

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