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Toyota: already 300 million cars produced

The Japanese manufacturer Toyota has achieved the impressive milestone of producing 300 million cars since its establishment in 1935. The most popular model is the Corolla.

According to the latest figures finalized at the end of September 2023, Toyota has announced that it has surpassed the production of over 300 million cars. This marks a significant achievement for the Japanese manufacturer, coming more than 88 years after the production of its very first vehicle.

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the customers who chose Toyota cars, and to those who built each car with heart and soul, and to the suppliers and dealers who delivered them with care, and to all others members of our teams. I believe that this number of 300 million units could only have been achieved with the relentless efforts of employees throughout the company, from the planning and design of parts and vehicles, to production, logistics, sales and service, as well as all those who work to support each step,” declared Koji Sato, President of Toyota on this occasion. “All of our colleagues have overcome countless challenges in recent years: natural disasters, fires, the Covid-19 crisis, and even chip shortages. Every time we faced the danger of no longer being able to produce cars, everyone worked together to restore or adapt production. In the future, we are sure to never forget everyone who supported our car manufacturing, and to give everything to make ever better cars and make customers smile.”

Toyota: Over 88 Years of Production

The first vehicle produced by the Japanese manufacturer was the G1 van in August 1935, when the company was still known as Toyoda Automatic Loom Works before becoming Toyota Industries Corporation.

Out of the 300 million vehicles produced, a total of 180.52 million cars were manufactured in Japan, with an additional 119.6 million cars produced in Toyota’s other factories around the world.

While Toyota has not disclosed which model reached the milestone of 300 million cars, it is notable that they produced 10.5 million vehicles just last year, indicating that they are on track to reach 400 million units in less than 10 years at their current pace.

The Toyota Corolla: Most Produced Model

The most produced model in Toyota’s history is the Toyota Corolla, with over 53.399 million units manufactured. The popular compact car has been in production since 1966 and is currently in its 12th generation, making it one of the oldest cars still in production today.

Toyota has also achieved significant success in the European market, with its Toyota Motor Manufacturing France factory becoming the first automobile production site in France and reaching milestones such as producing its one millionth hybrid vehicle and the 10 millionth Toyota Yaris last year.

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