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Fiat Topolino: one-offs featuring Mickey with Disney

The Italian manufacturer has teamed up with Disney to create 5 one-offs of the Fiat Topolino featuring Mickey Mouse, to celebrate 100 years of Disney.

This year, Fiat joins Disney to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the famous American animation studio. For this occasion, the Italian manufacturer designed five unique copies of the new Fiat Topolino electric with the image of Mickey Mouse, in a nod to its Italian name “baby mouse” (“little mouse”), which was also the nickname of the first Fiat 500 of the 1930s.

“The stories of Fiat and Disney are intertwined as Disney and Lingotto both celebrate their 100th anniversary, and the two Topolinos – the Disney icon and the very first Fiat 500 – inspire the art, Street Art and fashion for decades. We have much more in common than a name: DNA, authenticity, the concern to bring people simplicity, warmth and joy. Allowing the public to see the world and the future with optimism is a great way to connect with a younger audience” declared on this occasion Olivier François, CEO of Fiat: “The new Fiat Topolino will play an important role in offering smiling and uninhibited electric mobility. Today I am proud to present our tribute to Disney with five unique models of the New Fiat Topolino, all inspired by the iconic Disney character who, in the 1930s, gave our Topolino its nickname.”

Fiat Topolino: five unique examples

The five one-offs of the cousin of the Citroën Ami were revealed on the roof of the Lingotto, the historic former Fiat factory in Turin, a building which is also celebrating its centenary this year. Each Topolino represents a journey through time and art, and was created by the Fiat style teams, while the fifth colorful example was designed with the collaboration of Giorgio Cavazzano famous artist from Disney studios.

The Mickey Mouse « Historical » is inspired by the black and white graphics of Disney’s first short film, “Steamboat Willie”, one of Mickey’s first appearances, which brought an innovation to the world of animation: that of synchronized sound. This animated film was also immortalized in an exhibition at MoMA in New York in 2019.

The Fiat Topolino « Modern » is dressed in a colorful texture with Mickey Mouse’s initials, predominantly orange. She gives a “feeling of positive energy, celebrating a common vision, forward-looking, bright, colorful and optimistic”.

A collaboration with Disney studios

The Mickey Mouse « Abstract » focuses on the abstract to pay homage to the creativity of the Disney studios, with graphic touches, silhouettes of Mickey’s head, knot or flower patterns, for a strong visual impact while providing a feeling of elegance.

Finally, the version « Street » of the Fiat Topolino has a white livery adorned with graffiti which appears to have been done with a felt-tip pen. This version has an urban and playful spirit, which always pays homage to Mickey Mouse.

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