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This study reveals a new problem for the electric car

According to a recent study, motorists are willing to go electric only for a particular brand.

Currently, sales of electric cars are at an all-time high. In Europe alone, the market share of these vehicles now exceeds the 20% mark, thus beating the diesels in decline. And this trend is expected to continue over the coming years, as more and more motorists turn to this engine, which has many advantages. Not to mention the fact that the offer is increasingly vast and that there are now cars adapted to all needs.

Tesla is very popular

Suffice to say that the choice is very large and it is almost impossible not to find happiness in all of this. So, it’s not really surprising that sales figures are increasing. Especially since households that already own an electric car tend to buy one afterwards. In any case, this is what a study carried out by S&P Global Mobility on the loyalty of motorists. According to the report, 3 out of 4 households with a zero-emission car choose to continue with this engine. However, many people choose a particular brand.

A strong success

Without much surprise, it is obviously Tesla. Indeed, if we remove the manufacturer from the equation, the rate of intention to purchase electric cars decreases sharply. Moreover, households that already own a Nissan Leaf, for example, have also mostly taken a Model Y Next. Which proves once again the almost indecent success of the American firm, which continues to attract many motorists throughout the world, and has been doing so for several years now.

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