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Attack: dogs cause 300,000 euros of damage to a dealership

In Houston, a car dealership suffered significant damage to its cars. The employees discovered the culprits: dogs!

In the United States, automobile dealerships regularly face incidents, particularly due to car thefts. The North American press often reports cases of this type, as these crimes are increasing in the country. But what recently happened in a Houston dealership is much less common… Dogs have attacked several of his cars.

According to the ABC13 channel, G Motors, a car dealership located in the Texan city, has been attacked several times. In the space of three nights this November, the bumpers of cars parked in its outdoor parking lot were completely torn off. Surveillance camera images clearly show that the attackers are not humans, but dogs.

Two dogs violently attack cars at a dealership in the United States

The video shared by ABC13 is mind-blowing. On it, two dogs attack cars from the G Motor dealership. With their jaw, they grab part of the bumper and tear it off. In total, five cars were victims of this damage. The two canines also attacked the fenders of the vehicles.

They did this three times during the month of November. At the moment, no one knows what motivates dogs to attack this dealership’s cars. The employees of G Motors do not, in any case, not believing their eyes. “We never imagine that a dog could have the power necessary to demolish a car like that”said Gaby Fakhourythe dealership’s sales manager, to ABC13 reporters.

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Considerable damage for the dealer

While observing images from surveillance camerasthe employees of the dealership initially believed that the culprits were Wolves, as the damage is so significant. According to the company, they amount to around $350,000, the equivalent of 320,000 euros. Losses could be even higher, as the dealership fears customers will turn away for fear of dog attacks.

Unfortunately, the dealership doesn’t seem to be able to do much to fight against these animals. A complaint was filed with Houston police. However, officers cannot intervene against dogs. They advised the dealership to hire a private detective to follow them and find out the people who own them. But this affair comes at a time when the company is going move your premises. The concession will thus be protected from further dog attacks.

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