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Drunk and without driving insurance, he gives the wheel to his 15-year-old son

After consuming excessive alcohol, a driver without a license or insurance allowed his 15-year-old son to drive, resulting in his arrest.

The incident occurred in the Lot. A drunken man handed over the wheel to his 15-year-old son in order to avoid getting a fine. It backfired, as he was arrested in the process. Additionally, his car was uninsured, and he was a repeat offender…

His son caught off guard

Fortunately, the man’s child knew how to drive the car and stop in front of the police. However, on November 7, 2023, the father of three appeared before the Cahors criminal court to answer for his actions on November 4, 2023, and August 19, 2023.

In total, he is accused of driving a vehicle without a license and for repeated offenses, putting a vehicle into circulation without insurance, and committing a theft on August 19 by breaking and entering into a warehouse.

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A drunk and unconscious father

On November 4, the father had consumed several drinks when his son asked him to take him to a friend’s house. Unable to drive, he allowed his teenager to take the wheel. After blood alcohol tests, he displayed 2g of alcohol in his blood. Acting as a “driving school instructor,” he was quickly arrested. According to him, he had “drank a few 50 cl beers” after an argument with his wife about unpaid bills and financial problems.

The vehicle they were traveling in was also uninsured and had a steering problem. Upon arriving at his friend’s house, the son asked him to get into the back seat, suspecting nothing. However, after driving a few kilometers, they were involved in a collision. The child will be tried in juvenile court. The prosecutor requested 8 months in prison with continued detention for the father, who was accused of 8 thefts and 8 traffic offenses. He ultimately received 6 months in prison, and his vehicle was seized.

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