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He disguises himself as a policeman to avoid traffic jams

A drunk man in Switzerland decided to dress up as a police officer and put a flashing light on his car to save time.

When we are driving by car, it is not uncommon to see other motorists trying various strategies to avoid waiting in traffic jams. But the strategy used by this driver in Switzerland, in a district of Saint-Gall, surprised many. Drunk, he simply decided to dress up as a police officer, complete with a t-shirt and flashing light, in order to save time while driving.

A unique police officer

The events took place in a well-known nightlife area of the city of St. Gallen, the Bermuda Triangle. In a rush, the driver put on a German police t-shirt. This 49-year-old Hungarian later tested positive during an alcohol test on a Saturday evening in mid-September. With a rotating beacon on the roof of his Golf, he was not discreet at all in traffic. He was quickly apprehended by the police.

According to the prosecution, all his paraphernalia was intended to “facilitate his passage through the crowd of revelers”. But the police intervened and quickly arrested him. Criminal proceedings were initiated against him.

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Driver’s license suspension

A 56-day fine of 130 euros, as well as a three-year probation, were requested against this individual. However, if he does not commit any offenses within this time, he will not have to pay them. He will also face a fine of 2000 euros for his illegal actions. In terms of penalties, he will have to pay 1800 euros. The local traffic office, taking into account his infractions, ordered him to surrender his license. The German police and flashing light t-shirt were confiscated and destroyed. How do you react when you get stuck in traffic?

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