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HiPhi A: this Chinese hypercar develops 1,305 horsepower!

On the occasion of the Auto Guangzhou 2023 show, Human Horizons unveils the HiPhi A, a 100% electric Chinese hypercar which develops no less than 1,305 horsepower!

The car manufacturer Human Horizons, also called HiPhi, continues to surprise us with particularly futuristic models like the HiPhi HiPhi A, a 100% electric hypercar with a look straight out of a video game or a science fiction film. It will hit the roads in 2025.

“Current trends will always continue to evolve and change with the advancement of technology and the passage of time, while classic, refined luxury has enduring appeal. From the era of internal combustion engines to the new era of intelligent electric mobility, high-end hypercars are expected to represent the pinnacle of innovative technology while paying homage to the classics, showcasing the transformative nature as a way of looking towards the future,” declared on this occasion David Ding, Founder and CEO of HiPhi: “The combination of HiPhi’s luxury product concept, first-class development and industrial capabilities with Wesail New Energy Automotive’s Apollo supercar elements, combined with the technical expertise and innovation of ShanghaiTech University, makes the HiPhi A what it is: a true work of art for this new era.”

An aggressive and futuristic style

The HiPhi A has a particularly aggressive and futuristic style, which fits into the style of the brand’s latest productions. Its bodywork has carbon fiber and is dressed in matte paint that highlights its features straight out of a video game, with muscular fenders and extra wide tires, not to mention an impressive carbon rear wing.

The 4 doors with antagonistic opening reveal a luxurious interior that features 4 places with, here too, a technological atmosphere: for example, we find two screens displaying the image of the rearview cameras, ambient lighting, carbon bucket seats, a large touch screen in the center of the dashboard, or even a steering wheel with touch controls.

The HiPhi A also uses an innovation: it is the first car to receive the first TC4 titanium alloy of aeronautical quality, within its interior and exterior trims, in addition to high-performance aluminum alloys, nano-ceramics as well as other ultra-light materials for its chassis.

Three electric motors for 1,305 horsepower in total

The HiPhi A is based on a 800 V electrical architecture with one engine at the front and two engines at the rear, i.e. three electric motors in total, which offer a maximum power of 1,305 horsepower (960 kW) for a torque of 13,800 Nm (at the wheels). Enough to swallow 0 to 100 km/h in approximately 2 seconds all for a top speed of more than 290 km/h.

HiPhi announces an ideal 50/50 weight distribution between front and rear, as well as technologies that would put the most impressive super sports cars in the world to shame: rear-wheel steering, carbon-ceramic brakes, torque vector control, air suspensions with continuously adjustable damping… Its battery is capable of delivering a maximum power of 1.5 MW, and is compatible with the ultra-fast charging even if no figures on its autonomy have yet been communicated.

Currently presented in China, Guangzhou auto show (Canton) which opens its doors to the public from November 17 to 26, 2023, the HiPhi A will be produced in a limited series from first quarter 2025 with first deliveries expected in China over the same period.

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