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My License Points: a new site to view your driving license points

If you want to know where you are in your driving license points balance, a new “My Permit Points” website will replace the Télépoints service.

Launched in 1992, the points license is equipped, when obtained, with a total of 12 points. As you become a driver, you may lose or recover points for traffic violations. It is therefore not always easy to know how many points do you have left on your driving license.

This is why since 2007, the State has launched the Telepoints service, an online service allowing you to know the balance of points on your driving license, but which remained incomplete until this day. To complete this service and modernize it, Télépoints will disappear to be replaced by a new service, called My Allowed Points and accessible on the website of the Ministry of the Interior ( here is an overview of the services offered by this new site.

A site to view your driving license information

As its name suggests, the new website My Allowed Points will allow any driving license holder to consult your points balance for free, but that’s not all. Indeed, new features are appearing, such as the display of the estimated point recovery date lost on your driving license, or even information on the categories and validity of your driving license.

The site My Allowed Points will also provide information on the road safety awareness courses allowing you to replenish your points balance, but also to upload documents useful for drivers: restricted information statement (RIR), or even full information statement (RII).

Be careful, however, the information available on the platform My Allowed Points are not updated in real time. Indeed, there is always a gap between the moment when the traffic offense is committed and when My Allowed Points records the loss of points. Likewise, there is a lag between when points are reallocated and when My Allowed Points saves the addition of points.

My Permitted Points: how does it work?

To use the “My Permit Points” online service, you can connect to the teleservice using your FranceConnect accountor create a new account on the website MesPointsPermisthanks to your driving license file number (also called NEPH : Harmonized Prefectural Registration Number). Please note that accounts previously created on the Télépoints service ( are no longer operational.

The driving license file number (or NEPH) made of from 5 to 19 charactersand can be found on your driving license, on your certificate of driving rights provided by the ANTS following a declaration of loss (number indicated in the “Characteristics of the driving license” area), on the letters you have received to inform you of the loss or recovery of points on your license (file number indicated at the top left, or at the very top), or on your restricted information statement (RIR) or full information statement (RII) if you have requested it, online or at the prefecture (number indicated in the “Driving license number” area).

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