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Parking: soon the end of parking meters in Paris?

Around fifteen years ago, there were approximately 12,500 parking meters in Paris, but today there are only about 3,700. Despite the decline in parking meters, paid parking is not going away.

“The end of paid parking in Paris soon?” This is a topic that would be interesting to discuss, but it’s clear that this is not the case. In fact, paid parking is becoming more prevalent, especially with the decrease in cars in the city center.

According to The Parisian, the number of parking meters has dramatically declined in recent years. About fifteen years ago, there were around 12,500, but today, only about 3,700 remain.

Technological Transition

This sharp decline is partly due to the modernization of old coin-operated parking meters by the city hall in 2003, which led to a significant reduction in the number of meters. Additionally, in 2018, with the introduction of dematerialized tickets and automated license plate reading (Lapi), Paris town hall stopped installing parking meters.

The overall municipal policy in Paris, focused on reducing parking spaces and the role of cars in the city, has also contributed to this decline.

Fewer Parking Spaces in Paris

In 2020, the City announced its intention to halve the number of parking spaces from 140,000 to 70,000.

Furthermore, the advent of payment by phone has led to the rise of applications such as PayByPhone, Flowbird, and EasyPark. The acquisition of Parkeon, a French parking meter manufacturer, by Flowbird also impacted the maintenance of parking meters in the city.

Currently, around seven out of ten motorists pay for their parking using their smartphone, a significant increase from previous years.

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