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The Tesla Model 3 Performance returns in 2024 with “something special”

The sportiest Tesla Model 3 could express its full potential since the brand would not have set any barriers for development.

Everyone more or less knew that the Tesla Model 3 Performance would sooner or later return to the American manufacturer’s catalog. With the arrival of the new version of the electric sedanthe range has been temporarily reduced to only rear-wheel drive and Dual Motor variants.

Even if the sportier version was not revealed at the same time as the others, there was still little doubt about its return. The only uncertainty is his name. Will it be called Performance or, like the Model S and X, Plaid?

It arrives in 2024

According to several information relayed by the Australian site, the Model 3 Performance will arrive in the first half of 2024. This was stated in particular by Daniel Ho, an engineer who has followed the development of the model since its creation and who expressly stated in a recent speech that he “We will only have to wait a few months to see the sportiest Model 3 return”.

Even more interesting, our protagonist also claimed that this version would have something ” special “without going into further detail.

No more compromises for the Tesla Model 3 Performance?

According to several Australian media, Tesla would have had to abandon a series of technical choices on the first Model 3 Performance to deal with production-related problems. But now that what Elon Musk called “real hell” is behind us, there should no longer be any barriers for Tesla to design its dream sports Model 3.

The car could therefore not only be aesthetically updated, but it could also be entitled to significant modifications to its powertrain and chassis.

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