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Highway Code: 40% of fraudulent exams?

40% of code certificates issued are purchased or obtained by cheating according to the National Union of Inspectors (Snica FO).

Everyone who has taken their driving test remembers the hours spent studying the Highway Code. Constantly, we had to repeat the exercises and learn all the theory regarding driving a vehicle. Know that, according to a massive fraud denounced by the National Union of Inspectors (Snica FO), 40% of exams are obtained illegally by the candidates.

Examinations called into question

The Union in question is calling for a return of the examination to the public domain in order to avoid this type of fraud. Beyond widespread cheating which would call into question the equality of opportunity of candidates, it should be noted that inspectors subsequently find themselves with people who are a little lost at the wheel. Some denounce the complicity of supervisorsor even purchasing exams directly onlinevia social networks.

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Fraud on the rise since 20216

Nassim Bouzid, a driving teacher in Paris, testifies: “A little young person told us clearly from the start: here, I bought my code exam, here is my certificate. There is truly a total discovery of everything that happens on the road. We have no tool or right to review the veracity of the code or the validity of the document. So we make do. ”

Cheating has reportedly increased since 2016, the year corresponding to the privatization of exam centers. Before that date, driving license inspectors organized this test. From now on, La Poste, ObjectifCode, Code’nGo!, Pointcode, Dekra, France Code, Exacode and My Easy Code are responsible for this. According to Simon Bergue, general secretary of the National Union of Inspectors Snica FO, change is necessary: “We would like to see the examination of the highway code returned to the public domain. It would take approximately 90 driving license inspectors to be able to carry out all these tests. We know that when it was the administration that administered the exam, fraud was almost non-existent.”he confides.

We tend to believe it when we know that 80 centers closed due to fraud. These take place in several ways: either a third person takes the exam in place of the candidate, sometimes even the examiner, or a box vibrates and allows you to have the correct answer…

This corresponds to an offense punishable by three years of imprisonment, 45,000 euros fine et five years banned from taking an exam.

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