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February 1, 2024: what changes for motorists

Several changes will impact the daily lives of motorists from February 1, 2024, particularly at the portfolio level.

From February 1, 2024, many changes waiting for motorists. Tolls, electricity or even parking: here you go a summary of what changes.

Toll prices on the rise!

Every year there is what we call a revision toll prices. The latter cannot exceed 70 % of current inflation.
Pour 2024, concessions highways will thus increase prices by approximately 3 % throughout France.
This increase can vary from one dealership to another. Let’s take a tour increases.
For the society Vinci Highwaysthe increase will be 2,7 %when for Sanefit will be 2,79 %.
All other companies propose a higher increase at 3%. This is the case of APRR (+ 3.02%), Area (+ 3.04%) or even S.A.P.N. (+ 3,08 %).
But that’s not all. Indeed, the Mont-Blanc tunnel will also increase its prices, with an increase of 3,23 % since the February 1st. Finally, the Millau viaduct will increase its prices by 5,83 %outside summer periods.
Don’t be surprised if your bill when passing a toll increase from February 1, 2024. And this is just the beginning of an overall increase prices during this new month.

Refills will be more expensive

During an interview on TF1 that Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy, announced the increase from February 2024, prices of electricity.
The cause is simple, the government stops the tax shieldset up at the start of the war in Ukraine in order to compensate for the sharp rise in energy prices at the time.
Fact, the end of this shield leads prices on the rise. It is nevertheless a question of the third increase in only un an.
As a reminder, in February 2023prices had increased by 15 %. A second increase occurred in August 2023to the height of 10%.
For this month of February 2024the increase is 8,6 % for people with a basic contract. She will be 9,8 % for customers with a peak/off-peak contract.
An increase which will be felt on the price refills, including home. In fact, the price of the kWh will increase to 0,2460 € (basic contract) and 0,2483 € (peak hours/off-peak hours contract).
For a recharge providing 100 km of autonomy, it will now be necessary to count between 3,69 € et 3,72 €.

Parking could soon triple for SUVs

Another change will impact the lives of motorists but in a much more significant way locale.
In fact, the Paris town hall will organize this Sunday February 4a major consultation with its inhabitants.
The goal is simple: ask if they are for or against a raise of the price of parking in the capital for les SUV.
This measure mainly concerns the people not living in Paris and who come to park in the capital.
And the vote leans towards an increase in prices, the rise should be considerable. Indeed, prices should triple. We would thus move to parking at 18 euros of the hour, for the central districts and 12 euros of the hour for the outer districts.
Anne Hidalgo justified this consultation referring to the fact that the inhabitants “explain that there are too many big cars on our streets. We must stem this phenomenon by limiting the presence of SUVs and 4×4s in Paris.”
A consultation which sounds like a political pretext in order to ban a little more the cars of the capital.

So be careful of different changes which apply from February 1, 2024. A month which is under the sign of the rise in prices.

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