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General Motors: change of plans regarding electric cars

Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac… General Motors continues to expand its brands with new electric products, but like its competitors is facing a drop in demand. In response, the group has just taken a decision to support its dealers.

Backtracking on electric for General Motors? The American automobile group is clearly changing its plans…

Americans, more measured on 100% electric

If in Europe, the electric wave has been well underway since 2020, in the United States, it has been more in its infancy. Although at the time, certain models were already marketed on the continent (notably the Chevrolet Bolt EV and Hyundai Kona Electric), the leap towards this technology really arrived in 2022, when Ford presented its 100% electric F-150 Lightning pickup truck with great fanfare! There you have it, the race was on among the “Big Three” (Ford, GM, Chrysler). Since then, the Chrysler group has responded with its pickup RAM 1500 REV and the Jeep Wagoneer S electric SUV is on the horizon (the electric Avenger that we have in Europe is not offered there).
But it is above all General Motors which has taken this challenge head on, and this for most of its brands. This is not the group’s first success: its Chevrolet brand marketed the Volt (ancestor of the Bolt) in 2011, and even the curious EV1 in the 90s! Currently, Chevrolet markets its Silverado, Equinox and Blazer with EV sauce, GMC its Hummer, Cadillac its Celestiq, Lyriq and Escalade iQ. Let’s not mention Buick, which is dying on the American market, and whose new electric products are reserved for China…

Despite its lead, General Motors wants to be cautious

But, like most of its competitors, General Motors is starting to express doubts about this forced (and rapid) march towards 100% electric. When presenting its results for the last quarter of 2023 a few days ago, the American group assumed a slowdown in demand at the end of last year. The excitement of American consumers regarding this technology, lack of charging infrastructure, and the sometimes steep prices of these models compared to their thermal equivalent, partly explain this caution. At the same time, dealers were pressing GM to reintroduce hybrid models, for which demand remains strong, but the offer less extensive than before
The group’s boss, Mary Barra, confirmed during this presentation that GM had listened to her requests, and prepares to reintroduce plug-in hybrid models (“plug-in” or “PHEV”) on the continent. “ General Motors remains committed to eliminating tailpipe emissions from its light-duty vehicles by 2035. But until then, the deployment of plug-in technology in strategic segments will helpget some of the environmental benefits of EVs, while the country continues to build its charging infrastructure. “. Barra did not specify either the models concerned or the upcoming calendar…

Despite these announcements, GM continues to expand its thermal portfolio. The group has invested a billion dollars in 2023 to the development of new V8 and V6 blocks and this year will see the arrival of the third generation of Chevrolet Traverse and of the fourth generation of Chevrolet Equinoxe still offered with gasoline engines…

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