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Soon automatic speed limiters in our cars?

In California, there is a proposal to make automatic speed limiters mandatory in cars. When will this measure be implemented in France?

The speed of cars has always been a topic of debate. Excessive speeding poses a high risk to road safety despite the increasing number of accidents. There is ongoing debate about removing penalty points from the licenses of drivers guilty of minor speeding violations. The government aims to impose more speed cameras on roads to address this issue, with the added benefit of increased profits. The state also continues to implement new driving aids to prevent speeding. Most modern cars have GPS and traffic sign recognition cameras, as well as cruise control and speed limiters. However, there are calls for even stricter measures to combat speeding worldwide. Let’s delve into this further.

A new measure

Speeding is considered the leading cause of accidents in France, which is why the government is considering introducing more driving aids in cars to reduce the risk. One proposed measure is an intelligent speed limiter that would regulate the maximum speed of individual vehicles based on the route they are taking. This comes on the heels of a recommendation by the National Transportation Safety Board in 2017 to introduce automatic speed control in new vehicles. While the measure is being considered in California, there is no mention of its implementation in France at this time. Presently, drivers receive a simple alert when they exceed the speed limit.

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