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They create a gigantic exhaust for this Mitsubishi

The exhaust installed by this team of tuning professionals on their Mitsubishi is incredibly large!

THE car customizations fascinate owners who find it difficult to be satisfied with the standard versions. Some customizations are classic, such as a simple modification of the bodywork and an improvement in performance. Others are much less so, such as the enlargement of the exhaust pipe.

It is certainly not uncommon for people to undertake a modification of this part. However, it is often a matter of making it more noisy or, on the contrary, quieter. But a team of tuning professionals Italians, @Carmagheddon, decided to go a step further with a disproportionately large exhaust.

A very discreet exhaust for this Mitsubishi

These customization professionals are already known for their completely crazy creations. They have, for example, already created a swimming pool with an old vehicle or even a car cut in two. This time, they went to great lengths to replace the exhaust of a Mitsubishi.

However, their new exhaust is not the most discreet. It’s incredibly big. To the point that it is possible to fit a human’s head inside. It does not have the advantage of being very ecological and its noise is particularly powerful. It is therefore not certain that the car is used for anything other than this unusual customization.

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Creations more frequent than it seems

At first glance, this surprising customization by @Carmagheddon may seem unique. However, they are not the only ones to have started enlarging exhaust pipes. As reported HotCars in 2020several projects just as confusing were realized.

Some creators have even gone so far as to install several rows exhaust pipes in the back of their car. However, one question remains unanswered. What can these cars be used for? With current environmental restrictions, the future of these customizations is likely uncertain.

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