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A bill of €6,598 to repair his Ford Fiesta EcoBoost!

A young driver, Sébastien, had high hopes for his Ford Fiesta, expecting years of trouble-free driving. Unfortunately, this city car has let him down in terms of reliability.

For Sébastien, a loyal reader from Saint-Egrève (38), Ford is known for its reliable reputation. This was his opinion when he chose a Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost 100 at the end of 2017. This city car, offered by a dealer of the brand, had only 19,000 km on the clock when Sébastien purchased it. As our reader rarely drives – evident from the fact that he has traveled less than 30,000 km since buying the car – he believed he had made an excellent deal.
However, his satisfaction was shattered at the start of the 2020 school year. His Fiesta fell victim to a well-known issue with the early models of this turbocharged three-cylinder engine: overheating. In late 2018, Sébastien had to have the cylinder head gasket replaced due to a similar problem. But this time the news was even worse! The engine block was irreparably damaged, requiring a total engine replacement. Ouch! To get back behind the wheel of his Fiesta, Sébastien had to foot a bill of 6,598 €! He tried to push his dealer to request support, but the request was denied based solely on the age of the car.

What defense strategy?

Before purchasing this Fiesta, Sébastien made sure that the maintenance plan had been followed. He also made sure to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations after purchasing the car. How much should he actually spend on these items? Despite its very low number of kilometers on the odometer, the car is too old to claim full coverage. But Ford is still required to cover 80% of the costs!

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