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If you come across this Plymouth Barracuda, you win a McDonald’s!

McDonald’s will organize a major tour of the United States aboard a Plymouth Barracuda. If you meet her, you can win gifts.

One of the mascots of McDonald’s the « Hamburglar », leaves for a tour in the United States. This character with the appearance of a bandit will hit the road aboard a legendary car, a Plymouth Barracuda. Dated 1970, this powerful American has been lightly personalized by the fast-food chain.

It notably features black and white paint, colors characteristic of the « Hamburglar ». By using this mascot, certainly less known than the clown Ronald McDonald the company is obviously launching into a communications campaign on a large scale and of great originality. You can even win gifts by crossing paths with this Plymouth.

McDonald’s releases a Plymouth Barracuda for its new communications campaign

A whole scenario has been created around this McDonald’s communication campaign. Aboard his Plymouth Barracuda, the « Hamburglar » must achieve a vol of hamburgers. And after USA Today fans who will spot the fleeing car, which has been nicknamed the “Burgercuda” will be able to receive gifts.

However, they must be fast enough. You will indeed have to scan a code visible on the Plymouth Barracuda. The lucky ones who succeed will be able to win prizes. gift cards to spend at McDonald’s. Limited edition items inspired by « Hamburglar » will also be available.

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A competition to win a year of free hamburgers

Even if McDonald’s fans don’t see the Plymouth Barracuda during its tour of the United States, they will still be able to participate in another competition. At the end of this game, the winners will be entitled to free McDonald’s hamburgers for a year. They will then have to connect to the site to participate in the competition.

This new communication campaign from McDonald’s is part of the recipe changes announced by the channel last year. However, it is surprising to see the fast food company pull out an old American to advertise its hamburgers. It draws on North American automotive culture by taking one of the most popular cars of the 1960s and 1970s.

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