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A car cemetery is for sale with this house

This house in New Hampshire, USA, is for sale with a huge car graveyard. Will it interest a collector?

Some collectors old cars would dream of owning this house. Currently on sale on the real estate listings site Zillowthis property is sold for 400,000 US dollars, i.e. 370 000 euros. His particuliarity ? It is surrounded by a huge plot of land on which a collector car cemetery has been left.

For some, however, this house may be of no interest. Buy a property with a car cemetery also means they would have to clean the grounds from top to bottom. Moreover, the accommodation itself does not seem to be in impeccable condition. But for car enthusiasts, it contains a real treasure. To use the terms used by The Driveit is a “unpolished gem”.

An impressive car graveyard for sale in the United States

This house is located at Canaan, a city located in New Hampshire, United States. Given that it is located in the middle of the American countryside, it could be of interest to people who would like to settle in a corner of nature. But the seller understood that the target must rather be car collectors.

The house is located on “the site of a former classic car junkyard called ‘Parts of the Past’. The seven-hectare site is littered with nearly 300 classic cars. They are found in various conditions. Some appear to be in good condition. For others, you better be up to date on your tetanus shots! ”precise the announcement.

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An exaggerated selling price?

According to the few photos of the cars, the majority of cars appear to be American cars from before the 1970s. In this car cemetery, it is possible to see a few old Chryslers, a DeSoto and a Nash Metropolitan. Not all vehicles are in good condition and some of them have even been partially stripped.

Although the expression “car graveyard” may seem enticing, it also hides many cars in a state of decomposition severe. In other words, this announcement could just as easily hide gems as disappoint its future buyers. As for the sale price, would it be too high? After all, the house seems to need a good renovation.

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