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Ford Puma E85: what is it worth on a daily basis?

A Car Plus, our tests are not limited to technical tests. Putting ourselves in the drivers’ shoes remains our priority. The proof with these selected pieces.


Appearing in 2019, the Ford Puma battles in the small SUV category against the Peugeot 2008, Renault Captur, Nissan Juke… In addition to its modern and sporty appearance, it stands out for its range of engines. If the powerful ST version has a 200 hp 1.5 EcoBoost three-cylinder, most sales are concentrated around another three-cylinder, a small 1.0 EcoBoost block with mild hybridization, available in 125, 155 and 170 hp. The least powerful of the three is offered with a Powershift automatic transmission, or a 6-speed manual transmission (€1,400 less). And in the latter case, this engine can run either on SP95 or on E85 superethanol. A cheap fuel (around €1/litre) which makes this Puma popular due to its unbeatable cost of use. It is available from €22,000* in the basic Titanium version, taking advantage of the discounts currently granted by Ford. In total, it is available in five trim levels. The mid-range Titanium , headlights and auto windshield wipers. , 18” aluminum rims, 8”/20.3 cm touch screen with GPS, etc. It is this version that we selected for a test lasting several days in “real” life.








Pleasant to live with every day

Very pleasant to drive, practical and easy to use, the Puma E85 won us over. It also allows you to make significant fuel savings, thanks to the pump price of superethanol, which is much lower than that of unleaded. To be perfectly accurate in the usage cost calculations, however, it is necessary to take into account a revision twice as frequent as for the other versions.

* Real purchase price integrating the potential discount and the eco bonus/penalty.

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