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How many roundabouts are there in France?

Do you know how many roundabouts France has? Read on to find out the answer.

When preparing for your driving test, it’s important to study the Highway Code in order to understand all the signs and rules you will encounter on the road. Knowing driving rules and how to react in the event of car collisions is also essential.

An impressive number

France is home to a vast number of roundabouts, with approximately 42,986 existing in the country. This equates to around 663 per million inhabitants. France holds the title for having the most roundabouts in the world. This may prove challenging for new drivers to navigate, as the rules can be complex and not always easy to remember.

What’s the purpose?

Roundabouts were originally created to regulate dense traffic and reduce accident risks. However, their increasing prevalence on French roads has led to questions about their usefulness. Other countries, such as the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, and Brazil, also have a significant number of roundabouts scattered across their roads. Despite their original purpose, concerns about the effectiveness and necessity of roundabouts continue to grow.

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