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The foolproof trick to knowing which side the fuel flap is on!

A foolproof trick can help you know which side the fuel door is on your car.

Have you ever been unsure which side of the car the fuel door is on when arriving at the gas station? Fortunately, there is an infallible trick to never make that mistake again, regardless of the type of vehicle.

An easily available tip

When you’re accustomed to a car, you know exactly where the fuel door is located. But for the first time with a new car, finding it can be less easy. This can lead to awkward situations at the gas station. Fortunately, there is a simple solution. Just look at the dashboard of the car, where there is a pictogram representing a fuel gauge. Within this pictogram, there is a small triangle. The orientation of this triangle indicates the side where the fuel door is located. If there’s no arrow on the dashboard, you can also look at which side the pistol is on the pictogram of the fuel pump. This tip also works for electric cars. You will now have no excuse for getting it wrong at the gas station.

Why isn’t the fuel door on the same side?

One may wonder why the fuel door is not on the same side for all cars. Our expert Jérôme Fombelle, in the 1840 issue of Auto Plus magazine, provided some answers on this subject. “The side chosen by manufacturers depends above all on the direction of traffic on their historic market. We thus find the hatch on the left for left-hand drive countries and vice versa. It’s a security issue. The idea being that refueling is done on the sidewalk (or shoulder) side and not on the traffic side.” However, according to our expert, other reasons exist. In fact, having different locations will allow better distribution of cars in the stations. There are also technical constraints linked to the design of the car that impose a certain choice. A difference in positioning that is even more present for electric cars, with terminals installed everywhere. There are many reasons that vary the place of the fuel door of a car.

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