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Dacia Spring: the most popular electric in January 2024

Dacia’s small, low-cost electric city car beat both the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y at the start of the year, but how?

While the Tesla Model Y had yet won the first places in the world and Europe in sales in 2023, a first for an electric car, it has already been dethroned in France at the start of the year. the American SUV has in fact was beaten by none other than the little Dacia Spring ! But how can we explain such success?

The Dacia Spring ahead of the Tesla Model 3 and Y

Narrowly beaten last year in Europe, Dacia is clearly far from having thrown in the towel in the sales race. The manufacturer is even already getting a little head start for 2024, at least in France. This time, it is not with its compact Sandero that the low-cost brand intends to compete with the American giant of Silicon Valley, but with its small electric Spring! And the least we can say is that the city car makes a great start at the start of the year. It has in fact paid the scalp of the American SUV, but also of its more down-to-earth twin from the first month of the year 2024! 1,937 Dacia Spring were in fact registered in France during the month of January 2024 compared to 1,623 Tesla Model 3 and 1,477 Model Y. A podium that is surprising to say the least in terms of electric cars while the conditions for obtaining the purchase bonuses have just been revised. With the new rules in force, as well the Dacia Spring and the Tesla Model 3 are no longer eligible for the bonus since they are both manufactured outside the European Union. But then, what is their secret to winning the gold and silver sales medals in January 2024?

A little help…

It must be said that in reality, the little city car Dacia Spring benefited from a good boost, since among these 1,937 vehicles registered in January 2024 there were still cars configured last year. Indeed, let us recall that all electric vehicles ordered before December 15, 2023 were still able to benefit from the purchase bonus. Bonus to which the model can no longer claim today due to its manufacture in China. A boost from which the Spring should benefit until March, when all the vehicles ordered last year will have been delivered. A phenomenon from which little Spring is not the only one to benefit. The same goes for the new Tesla Model 3, which customers apparently literally flocked to before mid-December to still benefit from the purchase bonus. This is why the American electric sedan also dethroned the SUV, which was the undisputed king of sales last year. That being said, the little Dacia Spring has more than one trick up its sleeve to continue to convince new customers despite the end of the bonus for the purchase of an electric car in France…

2024 will be the time for the update for the Dacia Spring ! The model will indeed very soon benefit from a major mid-career facelift. The latter should allow it to remain attractive, even without a bonus. We can’t wait to discover it.

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