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Renault Scénic E-Tech: here is the price of the family car with all the options

The new Renault Scénic is a finalist for Car Of The Year 2024 and it is breaking with its roots as it is now a 100% electric family SUV. It is already available for configuration on the Renault website and here is its price with all the options.

Whenever an interesting new model hits the market, at Car Plus, we provide you with the price of the vehicle including all the options. Today, we are focusing on the new Renault Scenic E-TECH. We visit the Renault brand configurator and select the most expensive options from the catalog, whether it is the finishing, the motorization, the personalization or the equipment. Here are the results.

The “great autonomy” Alpine spirit version

When on the configurator, Renault offers a choice between two different electric engines. The base version is the Scénic E-Tech with 170 hp “comfort autonomy” and a starting price of €34,990. Then, there is a second electric motor, the 220 hp version ” great autonomy“. This version requires an additional €7,000, bringing the total price to €41,990.
This version offers three different finishes: the « techno », the ” techno – option esprit Alpine » and the “ techno – option iconic“. With the “Iconic” version, the Scénic receives all the options available in the Renault catalog. This “Iconic” version also comes with equipment from the “Techno” and “Alpine spirit” versions, along with a solarbay opaque panoramic roof, an interior rearview mirror with digital camera function, the 12-inch openR link system with integrated Google, a Harman Kardon audio system and adaptive cruise control and lane centering.

On the other hand, we chose to opt for the “Alpine spirit” finish. All the aforementioned options are also available with the “ esprit Alpine » for an additional cost. The starting price for this finish is €43,990, and for the “Iconic” finish, the price starts at €47,490. However, as we will see later, the Alpine spirit finish remains the most expensive after adding all this equipment.

Customizing and adding options

In the esprit Alpine version, only one type of rim and only one interior are offered by Renault. However, the brand offers six different colors to choose from. While “starry black” is included, the five other colors require an additional cost ranging from €750 to €2,200. We opted for the most expensive color, “satin schist gray” and its “star black” roof.
As for the options, Renault offers a driving assistance pack, the “augmented vision & advendec driving assist pack” for €1,000, the Harman Kardon audio system for €1,000, the panoramic roof for €1,500, the three-phase charger for €2,000, the all-weather tires for €200 and the charging cable for €400.
With the color at €2,200 and these different options at €6,100, the price of our Scénic has significantly increased. We are quite far from the initial price of €34,990, especially considering the additional €7,000 for the engine and finish.

Accessories and the final price of our Scénic E-Tech

In the final part of this configuration, we must choose accessories for our electric SUV. Renault offers a multitude of options, and we decided to include all of them. This includes the rear seat protectors for €100, the removable hitch for €963, the charging cable for reinforced domestic socket for €300, the bars and the roof box for €690, black cushions for headrests for €85, the “carbon effect” exterior mirror shells for €135, the bike rack for three bikes for €520, textile floor mats with the “Alpine spirit” inscription for €105 and finally, the double cable storage floor for €185.
This brings the total for our Renault Scénic E-Tech 100% electric to €60,373 (excluding the ecological bonus of €5,000). Compared to the base version with a price of €34,990, we have added €7,000 for the “high autonomy” version, €2,000 for the “Alpine spirit” finish, €2,200 for personalization, and €9,183 for options and accessories.

At this price, you will have the most equipped and most expensive Renault Scénic on the market.

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