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This 20-horsepower semi-trailer is only three meters long

This truck is a miniature semi-trailer. Built by hand by its former owner, it is unique in the world.

The semi-trailer is a vehicle usually associated with high power. On average, these huge trucks are pushed by engines ranging between 400 and 600 horsepower. Given the size and weight of these vehicles, disproportionate to individual cars, these figures are hardly surprising. However, there are models of semi-trailer that are well less powerful.

This is the case of this « mini semi-truck » (“mini semi-trailer” in French), which has just been sold at auction via the company Bring a Trailer. He didn’t negotiate very much for a truck, since he left for only 23 000 dollars either 21 400 euros. But as its name suggests, it is actually a reduced version of a semi-trailer. A surprising model.

A mini semi-trailer sold at auction

This model of truck has the particularity of measuring only a little more than three meters long. This is a unique mini-car of its kind. Most miniaturized vehicles are modeled after individual cars. But there are also truck enthusiasts who obviously have the same idea with semi-trailers.

Under the hood, it hides an engine with particularly low power. It only allows the vehicle to be pushed with 20 horses. With these dimensions and this engine, this small semi-trailer could seem very ridiculous. However, it is well equipped. It even has a console that allows you to listen to the music.

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A unique vehicle in the world

This semi-trailer is not only small. It is also a great rarity. According to Bring a Trailer, it is indeed a unique model in the world which has been entirely made by hand. This construction turns out to be quite impressive. It’s probably not for nothing that it was sold at auction on February 4.

Using it on the road is not really possible. With a power of 20 horsepower, it is clearly not possible to enter it on a lane with other cars. On the other hand, it could be used for shorter transports, such as in a large property. It could even be used as caddy de golf.

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