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Driving license: revocation soon applicable across the EU?

The European Union could implement driving bans across all member countries. Let’s examine the issue.

A Unified Approach

Currently, the driving license is not guaranteed for life, especially when a very serious offense such as driving under the influence or excessive speeding is committed. The duration of the license withdrawal varies based on the severity of the offense, and the offender may have to retake the exam or wait for the decision of the judge. However, this measure is currently limited to the offender’s home country. This is expected to change soon, as dangerous drivers in Europe may no longer be able to escape consequences. European Commissioner Adina Valean emphasizes that if someone’s license is revoked in one EU member state due to dangerous driving, they should not be allowed to drive in another EU country for the sake of road safety.

Specific Offenses

Currently, over 40% of traffic offenses committed by individuals with a driving license from another EU country go unpunished, either due to the perpetrator not being identified or payment not being demanded. In the future, serious traffic offenses such as excessive speeding, driving under the influence, and accidents resulting in serious injury or death will be prosecuted and punished across EU borders. The specifics of what constitutes “excessive speed” and the implementation date will be debated in future negotiations. In recent years, over 20,000 people have died on EU roads while walking, cycling, riding a motorcycle, or driving a car.

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