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Nissan Energy Share: V2G technology launched in Japan

With Nissan Energy Share, the Japanese manufacturer is launching a service to intelligently manage the batteries of electric vehicles using V2G technology.

A practical application of V2G technology

On March 1, 2024, Nissan will launch Japon Nissan Energy Sharea new service taking advantage of technology V2G (Vehicle to Grid) to optimize energy management by controlling the charging and discharging of electric vehicle batteriesand using them as mobile energy units capable ofpower buildings.
This service has been studied and field tested in Japan, in places such as Namie and Fukushima, to find the most effective ways to manage the energy of electric cars. Nissan Energy Share allows electric vehicle batteries to be charged and discharged intelligently and autonomously.
This system embeds a connected charge and discharge controller to predict vehicle energy consumption using real-time information: remaining charge, vehicle usage habits, building energy consumption, etc. And to autonomously determine the optimal time to recharge or discharge their battery .

Nissan Energy Share: greater comfort and savings

In practice, this makes it possible to relieve the local network during consumption peaks, by transferring energy from the vehicle, and vice versa, all without degrading performance or comfort. This reduces the risk of power outages in the event of high voltage, while reducing the energy bill of the building.
If the customer has a solar panel, the Nissan Energy Share system also allows the use of this source of energy.renewable energy, to save money while decarbonizing its uses. For example, vehicles are recharged during the day when the sun is present, then their energy is drawn to supply buildings with electricity at night.
Nissan supports its customers to study their needs and advise them on the installation of the Energy Share system, the choice of equipment and suppliers, and ensures maintenance, control or troubleshooting operations, without forgetting suggestions for improving its installation.

Previously, Nissan has experimented with several uses of V2X technology (Vehicle to Everything) of two-way charging : the Japanese manufacturer was the first to power a house with the energy of an electric vehicle, with V2H technology (Vehicle to Home).

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