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Porsche Taycan (2024): facelift for Porsche’s first electric car

After four years of good and loyal service, the Porsche Taycan is entitled to a little makeover and some significant technical improvements.

After more than half a decade alone in the high-end electric sedan market, in 2019, the Tesla Model S met the Porsche Taycan. A more than successful first approach into the world of electrics for Porsche, with a sedan that is both sporty and rather versatileeven if its scope of action put off some customers a little at first.

Then the Porsche sedan evolved, with some improvements and new versions, until today when Porsche presents the first real restyling of its Taycan. On the program, therefore, a version of almost 1,000 hp, autonomy that skyrockets and up-to-date technologies.

A better traveler this new Porsche Taycan?

As you can see in the photos, aesthetically speaking, the changes are slight and are generally correlated to the style of the new Macan presented a few days ago. The Porsche Taycan adopts new front and rear shields with refined aerodynamics, with a specific design and more prominent air intakes on the Turbo and Turbo S versions. The front headlights have been redesigned, while the rear section incorporates a long light strip with a backlit Porsche logo.
Inside, the changes are minimal, and the habitability, which is generally the weak point of the Taycan, does not change. The trunk (407 liters on the sedan and 446 liters on the station wagon) like the frunk (84 liters) retain their capacity. In fact, you have to dig around on the screens to see the few changes. The screens do not change, but the infotainment system evolves slightly, as does the distilled information. Another passenger screen can be added with an opaque filter in order to watch videos while driving without disturbing the driver’s attention. Good news for travelers, the navigation system integrates a new route planner with information on charging stations and battery pre-conditioning. The head-up display also includes an augmented reality projection, as with Mercedes, to indicate destinations more precisely. The driving aids are also better calibrated for a better driving experience.

The ranges and powers of each version are increasing

For the technical part, there are more changes. Already, the Turbo S version goes from 761 to 952 hp and 1,100 Nm of torque, which allowed the Taycan to beat the Tesla Model S Plaid recently on the Nürburgring. Then there is the Turbo version which develops 884 ch and 4S version can reach 598 ch. Even the basic rear-wheel drive model (with a single electric motor positioned on the rear axle) is intimidating with 408 ch not counting the 95 hp overboost.
In terms of batteries, they are equipped with NMC (Nickel Manganese Cobalt) type cells which benefit from a new chemistry allowing it to reduce its weight by 9 kg while increasing its capacity which goes from 93.4 kWh to 105 gross kWh (97 useful kWh). Only the rear-wheel drive Taycan will have the right to a “smaller” battery, around 90 kWh. The batteries also all benefit from better thermal management, which gives us, according to Porsche, a 35% greater action radius. And on paper, that changes everything, since the basic propulsion version is announced at 678 km d’autonomie WLTP compared to 503 km previously on the old one, and 630 km on the Turbo version versus 467 km. More autonomy therefore, but also even faster fast charging. The charging power can now reach 320 kW, compared to 270 kW on the old one in direct current. Enough to fill up from 10 to 80% in just 18 minutes.

All Porsche Taycans (sedan, Sport Turismo, and Cross Turismo) now receive adaptive air suspension as standard and Porsche Active Ride can be ordered as an option on versions with four-wheel drive.

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