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How much did the vote against SUVs in Paris really cost?

The vote to increase the price of parking for SUVs in Paris cost a small fortune. Find out how much in our article.

A high cost

Between Anne Hidalgo and the car, it’s a story that lasts, but it’s not a love story. Quite the contrary, because the mayor of Paris is doing everything she can to put obstacles in the way of motorists, in order to push them to the limit. The goal? Make cars disappear from the capital, with a lot of pedestrianization and other measures of all kinds. But that’s not all, because the elected official does not just want to prevent cars from driving, she also wants to dissuade them from parking. Thus, it has already eliminated several thousand places, and wants to go even further. From September 1, the price of parking will be tripled for SUVs in the capital. A measure decided following a vote, which only mobilized 5.68% of the 1.3 million Parisian voters. Thus, only 78,000 people voted, which is nevertheless welcomed by the first deputy Emmanuel Grégoire, interviewed on the sidelines of the Paris Council. If this vote was a flop, it especially cost the city dearly.

A big expense

According to the deputy, this voting campaign would in fact have cost no less than 400,000 euros to the city, or around 5 euros per voter. And for good reason, this large-scale operation mobilized no less than 11,000 town hall agents, even though the vote had to take place in person. Indeed, Yves Charpenel, president of the control commission, indicates that proxies were not possible because they were “extremely expensive”. Furthermore, this caused some problems, since “some voters went wrongly to their district town hall when they were supposed to vote elsewhere, and had to turn back”. And for good reason, the voting places were not the same as the usual ones. Enough to create quite a chaos, even if no incident was recorded during this operation. A deliberation will be presented in May next in order to make a definitive decision on the implementation of this measure. It will come into force this summer.

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