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Lucid is preparing a model competing with the Tesla Model Y

The American brand wants to make itself more accessible.

If I tell you about a young electric car brand from California, you will instantly think of Tesla. Logic: the manufacturer is a hit all over the world with its Model 3 and Model Y mainly, the latter being the best-selling car in Europe in 2023, and the second best-selling electric vehicle in France just behind the Dacia Spring. And neither the repeated scandals nor the recurring reliability problems change anything: Tesla is a hit! Enough to make it the logical and obvious target of many brands, and the market standard when a new electric vehicle is launched. However, today it is Lucid that we are talking about. Lucid Motors is a start-up created in 2007 in Menlo Park, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley.. The similarities with Tesla are therefore great. But where Elon Musk’s brand targets the “plus” generalist, Lucid is clearly luxury oriented. In any case, it was until today…

Lucid wants its “ModelY”

After the sumptuous Air sedan, Lucid has just unveiled its second model: the Gravity. A model which should already allow it to considerably increase its customer base, if only through its architecture. SUV much more in the current trend, but above all it will remain a real luxury product. Because if its price has not yet been revealed, its announced power “at more than 800 horsepower” suggests that it is based on the Air Grand Touring, whose starting price is set at €110,900 in his native country. Inaccessible to ordinary mortals therefore. And it is difficult to envisage large volumes in such conditions. That is why the manufacturer has started work on the development of a more compact SUV which will compete with the Tesla Model Y. A model that CEO Peter Rawlinson wants to position below $50,000. A price that would make it competitive with its compatriot, but also with the multitude of other models that it will have to face: Audi Q4 e-Tron, BMW iX3 and Mercedes EQC in particular. Especially if it remains faithful to the principles of great autonomy that Lucid has offered since its beginnings.

Too expensive for Europe?

However, such a model should not arrive before the end of 2025. That’s almost two years from now. Two years during which the competition will not have been idle. Whether in terms of products, or even possibly in terms of price. And to see it land in Europe, you will probably have to be even more patient. Indeed, Lucid timidly began its European expansion last year via Norway, the Netherlands, Germany and even Switzerland. But the volumes remain confidential for the moment and the deployment of a large-scale network does not seem to be on the agenda. If it seems possible to order it from France in one of these countries, be aware that the prices obviously remain even more elitist than in its original America: The “entry-level” Pure version (with 487 hp all from same and 725 km WLTP) is billed at €109,000 in Germany, while it “only” costs €72,000 ($77,400) in the United States! A more accessible model would therefore probably also suffer high inflation when crossing the Atlantic.

A Lucid “Model Y” would certainly have a card to play in the world of luxury electric cars. But even if it will be more accessible than the current Air and Gravity, it will obviously remain a luxury product.

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