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Police arrest dangerous trucker in Gard

This trucker was surprised by police with a particularly dangerous load in the back of his vehicle.

The stories of dangerous truckers are not rare. In January 2022, a chase began, for example, between a truck driver and police officers as well as gendarmes. The latter even had to immobilize the truck by shooting it in the tires, as reported The Parisian at the time.

According to the news site Actu.franother dangerous heavy goods vehicle was arrested on a highway in Occitanie, in the Gard. This time, the problem is not erratic driving by the driver or the use of drugs. The trucker in question actually loaded his vehicle a little too much!

A very dangerous overload

The gendarmes of the motorway platoon Grand-Gallargues first noticed a driver making a phone call while driving his vehicle. However, the telephone is not the most serious problem, far from it. When stopping the utility vehicle, the gendarmerie officers noticed that it weighed far too heavy compared to its size.

While the maximum load allowed in this utility is 3 500 kgthis one weighs no less than 6 500 kg. “That’s what we call a (very) dangerous overload! », pointed out the agents of the Gard gendarmerie. Worse still, the “The load of this utility vehicle extended well beyond the rear and (…) it was not secured at all…”

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The police immobilized the vehicle

Far too heavy, the utility vehicle could have caused an accident. “The enormous weight put the vehicle in a dangerous situation. The truck, clearly, was not ready to play the ‘superhero’ and brake with all that weight! »observed a representative of the Gard gendarmerie.

The police obviously did not let go the truck driver. His vehicle was stopped while waiting for another vehicle to come and collect his load. He also received nine tickets for using his phone while driving and for illegal loading. In total, he must pay a fine of 810 euros.

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