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Corporate fleets are not green enough

A recent report indicates that French company fleets do not have enough electric cars.

Still Insufficient

We are aware that sales of electric cars continue to rise over the years. This is largely due to the efforts of public authorities to encourage motorists to switch to electric engines, which seems to be effective for individuals. However, professionals are having more difficulty making the transition. The report shows that 60% of large companies with a fleet of over 100 light vehicles are not in compliance with the legal obligations outlined in the Mobility Orientation Law (LOM). This law requires companies to renew their fleet with 20% low-emission vehicles, but only a few companies are doing so, such as La Poste, EDF, and Hertz. The majority of electrified vehicles in professional use are plug-in hybrids, but they primarily operate in thermal mode, as emphasized by Léo Larivière, responsible for automotive transition at Transport & Environment.

More Efforts Needed

While electric vehicles account for 16% of new vehicle sales in 2023, individual consumers are driving this movement with a 22% market share. However, companies only represent 11% of the new electric vehicle market, dropping to 8% for those with over 100 vehicles. With over a million new vehicles purchased annually (57% of the market), companies are the main players in the automobile sector, far ahead of individuals. In an effort to encourage companies to meet their obligations, MP Damien Adam proposed a new bill on January 30, which includes a strengthening of electrification quotas from 2025. Companies will be required to integrate 30% of low-emission vehicles into their fleet from 2025, increasing to 40% in 2026. Plug-in hybrids will be excluded from these quotas starting next year.

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