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He keeps 70 car wrecks on his plot and is served with formal notice

State services and the Gendarmerie discovered this open-air site belonging to a mechanic “collecting cars”.

In the commune of Escamps, in Auxerrois (Yonne), a mechanic was put on notice for having abandoned 70 open-air car wrecks, surrounded by nature. Already served with formal notice in the past, he had received order to clean up the site but he did not take it into account.

Cars in poor condition

It is in the middle of the vegetation that these vehicle wrecks are piled on top of each other. However, it is not an illegal dump or a scrapyard, but indeed a garage. State services therefore had no choice but to intervene. It was last January 31, through an intervention by the Gendarmerie and the services of Dréal (Regional Directorate for the Environment, Planning and Housing).

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Denounced since 20211

When they intervened, the police came across a mechanic who was working on the plot. The only problem is that administratively, this land is qualified as“facilities classified for environmental protection under section 2712 (Installation for storage, decontamination, dismantling or cutting up of end-of-life vehicles or various means of end-of-life transport)”.

During the inspection, the authorities were particularly surprised by the number of vehicles stored. These 70 carcasses represent a risk for the environment, especially since spare parts are scattered everywhere, without the mechanic having any approval. The mayor of the town, Yves Vecten (SE), underlines: “This place does not respect the legislation, we cannot leave things like that in the environment. We can wonder if there are dangerous products, we are near a stream, we don’t know if there could be juices, harmful substances that could get into the water. »

The mechanic tries as best he can to defend himself. For him, most of his vehicles are drivable and he’s just waiting to get them “sell them, repair them or get rid of those that are no longer in good condition. »

The law prohibited from storing more than 10 vehicles that can no longer be driven, considered wrecks. This owner is therefore above the threshold. He now has three months to clean everything

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