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How do electric car batteries react to cold?

During winter, electric car batteries have a lower range compared to spring or summer due to the higher temperatures. The difference in battery range can range from 10 to 15%(1).

The impact of temperatures on the battery of 100% electric vehicles depends on the model and the technologies developed by the manufacturers. There are also various tips to minimize the effect of cold on your battery in winter, ensuring safer and more efficient winter mobility.

Why Cold Affects Electric Car Batteries

One of the reasons for the decrease in electric car battery range during winter is physical. The electrical energy of the lithium-ion battery, which powers the engine, is a result of a chemical reaction called electrolysis. When outside temperatures drop below 0°C, the chemical reaction is affected and results in decreased battery power, storage capacity, and longer recharge time. Additionally, there is increased energy consumption to heat the passenger compartment.

Electric car manufacturers have implemented systems to limit the impact of cold on battery operation, such as battery heating. However, this system requires energy to maintain a good operating temperature, impacting comfort and battery efficiency.

Hyundai’s Solution for Cold Weather

The KONA Electric New Generation urban SUV is equipped with a heat shield to preserve battery performance and autonomy in winter. Its high-voltage battery is equipped with a heating system to limit the impact of low temperatures on charging times and autonomy. It also has a winter mode to activate the battery heater, and the ability to program heating and defogging of the passenger compartment in advance via a mobile application, without impacting battery autonomy.

Additionally, the heat pump of the KONA Electric New Generation urban SUV absorbs heat produced by the engine block and ventilates it into the passenger compartment, reducing the energy requirement of the battery.

Tips for Improving Battery Life in Winter

In addition to the heat shield developed by Hyundai, you can also use heated seats, regenerative braking, reduce traffic speed, anticipate driving movements, and avoid overloading your car to maximize the battery life of your electric car in winter.

Discover the range of 100% electric vehicles from Hyundai for a worry-free winter driving experience.


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