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Tesla Model Y Performance: the big sale continues

Tesla has recently reduced the prices of its Model Y Performance once again, likely in an effort to clear out the remaining inventory before the arrival of a restyled version in a few weeks.

Price fluctuations at Tesla are common, with significant decreases observed after a period of substantial increases around a year and a half ago.

When a new model is about to be released, prices tend to drop even further, as is the case with the current situation of the Model Y.

20% Decrease in One Year

Last year, there were discounts of up to 6,450 euros on Model Y Performance vehicles, bringing the price below 60,000 euros. Now, the Tesla Model Y Performance is available starting from 55,990 euros, marking a nearly 20% decrease in price for the top-of-the-range model.

Despite being produced in Europe, this model does not qualify for an ecological bonus in France as it exceeds the 47,000 euro threshold. Opting for white paint is the most affordable choice, while blue or black adds 1,300 euros, and red or gray adds 2,600 euros to the price. Nevertheless, the Tesla Model Y Performance at this reduced price offers good value in comparison to the competition, particularly for a premium and dynamic electric SUV.

A New Tesla Model Y on the Horizon

This significant price drop indicates a push for destocking in anticipation of the upcoming update of the Model Y scheduled for 2024. Details about this restyling are currently scarce, similar to the situation with the Model 3 six months ago.

It is expected that the update will include a minor aesthetic refresh, following in the footsteps of the new Model 3, along with some new technological features.

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