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Top Gear: the new season with Vilebrequin is coming very soon!

To announce the next season of Top Gear France, piloted by the Vilebrequin duo, the RMC Découverte channel invited journalists to watch a preview of a teaser for the next season. Here is what you will be entitled to.

Who said that passion for cars was dead! After very good audiences achieved by the broadcasts Vintage Mechanical et Wheelers Dealers France it’s Top Gear’s turn to return for a brand new season on the channel, RMC Découverte. Because yes, we no longer count the programs around the car and motorsport which make boxes. We can cite, The Grand Tour with the former trio of Top Gear UK, the series on F1, Drive to Survive or even the various films around motorsport which have been released or which will be released.

A breath of fresh air for the program!

It was an announcement that caused a lot of talk. After eight seasons Top Gear France separates from its star trio composed of Bruce Jouanny, Le Tone and Philippe Lellouche. Instead, the show called for, for season 9 au duo #1 in the automotive category on Youtube, Crankshaft. According to Stéphane Sallé de Chou Managing Director of RMC Story and RMC Découverte, by calling Vilebrequin, the channel wishes return to the sources of the program bringing together the best of both worlds. Internet and its videographers with TV and the Top Gear brand. There is indeed a desire to reach everyone, whether on TV, on social networks and on streaming. A desire shared by Pierre-Marie GadonneixDirector General of BBC Studios France, who declares that he wants catch up with the new generation who is interested in automobiles, but who does not have the reflex to sit in front of the TV.
However, the codes of the Internet and television are very different. If the duo keeps their DNA in the program, they had to adapt to the television code. For this, the duo was able to count on the presence of Monsieur Poulpe, also a videographer and a veteran of the TV world. Co-author of the show, Monsieur Poulpe coached the duo to bridge the gap between the two worlds.

Vilebrequin, the return of the duo for Top Gear France

You understood it, it’s Crankshaft who was chosen for marrying the best of both worlds the one d’Internet and that of the TV, around the passion for cars. Confessions of Pierre Chabrier and Sylvain Levy, the duo had great freedom regarding this new season of Top Gear. They assure that Vilebrequin’s DNA and leg will be present in the program.
To do this, the two friends also took with them celebrities from the Internet world such as By Amix or Natoo, but also personalities from the world of TV, of movie theater or even the comedy.
One theme per episode will be covered during the first season. An episode of this new season is: a big sequence on the theme addressed, for example, tuning, then a body test and finally the “barbecue” sequence which will bring together celebrities around a rallycross circuit.
Rest assured, car enthusiasts will be served with this new season of Top Gear. A sequence from the teaser shows the duo going up a circuit on foot, slaloming between a lot of sports cars modern and recent, a taste of what awaits us. You will also find tests of iconic old cars, accidents, customization projects. Everything we love about Top Gear.

For the moment, we don’t have an official release date to communicate to you. But according to our information, the first episodes should arrive very quickly. For now, the duo has only signed for one season. The different parties are waiting to see the audience scores to know if a season 10 is possible.

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