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Pedestrian sentenced after being hit by car

A pedestrian was hit by a car in a town in Côtes-d’Armor. However, the courts condemned him because of his behavior…

It’s a very surprising story that has just happened at SévignacIn Côtes-d’Armor. A new accident involving a pedestrian took place, when a car hit him on the road. These collisions are far from rare in France, especially since several hundred deaths are linked to these accidents each year.

But French law is usually particularly harsh towards motorists, so that judges more easily retain driver responsibility. This time, the exact opposite happened. Even though the pedestrian in question was knocked down, it was against him that a conviction was pronounced.

Pedestrian prosecuted for endangering the lives of others

According to this pedestrian’s lawyer, this situation is ridiculous. ” We walk on the head “he declared after hearing the prosecutor’s indictment. A priori, the scene of the accident could only prove him right. As reported La Dépêche du Midia motorist hit a woman on January 22.

After this collision, the pedestrian was injured, while the motorist was found in a state of shock. However, the overturned woman was prosecuted before the Saint-Malo court for endangering the lives of others, her behavior suggesting that she had nothing to do with this road accident.

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Before the courts, a debate arose around the behavior of the pedestrian knocked down. According to the prosecutor, the woman in question appeared angry before the accident occurred. It would even be her who threw herself on ” the car hood “thus causing the accident that injured her.

Even though his lawyer refuted this version of the facts, justice followed the prosecutor. The pedestrian was thus sentenced to two fines, one for 1,000 euros and the other for 20 euros. She will also have to pay 2,000 euros in damages to the driver. This is one of the rare cases of jurisprudence in which the pedestrian is convicted.

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