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A new Volkswagen ID.7 appears in China

Volkswagen presents the ID.7 S in China, a surprising version with aesthetic modifications. Developed with SAIC, it keeps the wheelbase unchanged despite its increased length. Mechanical specifications remain constant, with options of 150 kW rear-wheel drive or 230 kW all-wheel drive and an 84.8 kWh battery offering a range of 642 km.

Two versions for China

In the bustling twists and turns of the Chinese automobile industry, Volkswagen is preparing to unveil its latest gem, the ID.7 S, a version that promises a major surprise. Revealed by a state government regulatory body, this variation of the ID.7 not only shines with its elegance, but also with dimensions that raise it above its European version (also available in China).
Indeed, in the vast panorama of the Chinese market, Volkswagen exercises its influence through two strategic partnerships, one with SAIC and the other with FAW. Incorporating an additional layer of complexity to this ecosystem, Volkswagen Anhui, owned 75% by VW and 25% by JAC, is zealously dedicated to the research, development and production of new energy vehicles.

Some aesthetic changes

The ID.7 S, developed by SAIC, stands out from its counterpart and seduces with its originality, with a redesigned hood, shield and headlights. Also at the rear, changes are noticeable, particularly at the tailgate, bumper and lights.
It is crucial to note that although this version is more imposing, it retains an unchanged wheelbase of 2,966 mm. The significant increase in length (5026 mm versus 4961 mm) results in more generous overhangs at the front and rear. The width remains almost unchanged, 1864 mm versus 1862 mm, with a slightly reduced height of 1537 mm versus 1538 mm.
On a mechanical level, no revolution is on the horizon. The 150 kW rear-wheel drive or 230 kW all-wheel drive options will remain available, accompanied by an 84.8 kWh battery offering a range of 642 km according to the CLTC cycle.

The question that remains unanswered: will this expansion of the ID.7 in China open up new perspectives on the Chinese automobile market? This remains to be confirmed.

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