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Is it true that MG batteries have 0% degradation?

MG ensures guaranteed battery performance for up to one million kilometers. Thanks to strategic partnerships and cutting-edge batteries integrated into models like the ZS EV, MG claims exceptional durability. Conclusive tests on the ZS EV, demonstrating a total absence of degradation after 35,000 km, reinforce confidence in the quality and longevity of MG electric batteries.

Up to a million kilometers?

In the world of electric vehicles, the mysteries surrounding battery longevity continue to raise deep questions. MG, positioning itself as a key player at the forefront of innovation, recently lifted the veil on intriguing details regarding the sustainability of its electric batteries, creating a ripple of enthusiasm throughout the automotive industry.
At the center of these concerns is the ongoing challenge of batteries powering the electric revolution. Beyond the environmental repercussions linked to the extraction of materials, battery life cycle remains a critical issue. While many manufacturers claim limited degradation, often less than 30% over a decade, MG goes beyond the standards by highlighting the exceptional durability of its batteries, guaranteeing their performance for up to a million kilometers!
Bucking the trend of outsourcing battery production, MG has established strategic alliances with giants such as SAIC and CATL. This successful cooperation, initiated in 2017, gave birth to a factory dedicated to the manufacture of high-end batteries, covering the entire process, from cell design to recycling.

What’s the secret?

CATL batteries, proudly integrated into MG models, stand out for their fast charging capacity, high energy density, and therefore, longevity. Rigorous testing of MG’s electric compact SUV, the ZS EV, has revealed a total absence of degradation, even after having traveled 35,000 km and undergone various loads, from ultra-fast to slow.
The test results speak for themselves: the ZS EV battery maintains 100% capacity, with all its components in impeccable condition. MG even goes so far as to claim that these batteries are designed to withstand 5,000 charge cycles, equating to an impressive range of over a million kilometers. However, a question remains: will this lack of degradation remain constant beyond 150,000 km, when the warranty ceases to apply? Finally, and to answer the question posed in the title of the article, it is not possible for batteries to remain so intact over the years.

The tests carried out by MG run up to 35,000 km, what about the condition of the batteries after 50,000, 100,000, and 200,000 km? A response must be provided by the car manufacturer.

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